Current awareness service

The purpose of a current-awareness service is to inform the users about new acquisitions in their libraries Dissemination of information  that will keep it users well-informed and up-to-date in their fields of basic interest as well as in related subjects is called Current Awareness Service. It is a system of getting knowledge on recent development, and especially those developments which relate to the special interest of the individual.

CAS is a device of the information system through which the users of information can be informed promptly, as soon as possible after publications but before absorption into the comprehensive secondary sources of current literature on a broad subject field or on an area in which a group of persons are interested, and presented in a manner, volume and rhythm intended to facilitate or cultivate current approach to information.

To aware the scientists/users with latest developments in their subject fields.

To keep the clientele well-informed and up-to-date knowledge of latest development in their fields of research.

To fulfil the current demand of the users that what they want

To inform them that what is the latest update is going on

To serve them what they want for their study pupose